Welcome to Bastion Publishing

A note from the author

This is author/publisher Ben Pastore, and I’m really glad you dropped by. I am excited to showcase some of my work here at the Bastion Publishing home page because honestly, with so many projects in so many places, it’s nice to have a place to call home – even on the Internet.i

I invite you to take a look around. Check out my witty travel guide You Can Keep Your Adventure, Just Leave Me the Toilet Paper, a work that is two parts guidebook, one part laughs. If you come from a more serious bend, you’ll enjoy my young adult novel The Gardens of Sir Verity, which I revised in 2013 when making it available in ebook format.

As always, I welcome the chance to interact with readers, reviewers, and time permitting, random people who contact me. If you drop me a line you can expect a response – even if you’re totally one of those random people. I’m not too good for anybody.


Proposed Cover Design

My Travel Guide

My Young Adult Novel The Gardens of Sir Verity

My Young Adult Novel The Gardens of Sir Verity

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